Recycling Carpet Tiles

Landfill is becoming prohibitively expensive and must be reduced for the sake of the environment, so it's good to know that you’re interested in recycling carpet tiles. Just click the link here and you can see the list of the carpet tile recyclers across the country.

They will want to know the quantity, the type and the condition of your tiles.

Many companies will take both small and large lots – but there’s a big emphasis on the tiles being in a good re-usable condition.

Usually, once it’s agreed that the tiles are suitable for re-use, stack the tiles onto a pallet, as instructed, and liaise with the tile company to arrange a collection.

It really is that simple!

ISO 14001 Certification

Certification is important to large companies and local authorities, but now even small businesses are expected to work towards compliance.

By diverting carpet tiles from landfill, you will help meet the sustainability needs, with auditable recycling figures contributing to ISO 14001 certification.

Phone any of the companies on the Recyclers List to find out more.

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