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We know this has been a difficult and worrying time for everyone.

While we’ve not been as busy as usual with our nationwide used carpet tile collection service, we’ve tried to pick up carpet tiles that otherwise would have been left to ‘spoil’ by getting wet and unusable in skips outside abandoned premises.

Identifying tiles that would be condemned to landfill rather than be suitable for re-sale or recycling has been a challenge. And making sure that we only arranged collections where we could use empty transport on ‘return back-runs’ has made the task even more difficult.

But we have saved over 20,000 carpet tiles being thrown into landfill and we’re pleased about that.

As everybody is beginning to think about getting back to work, we’re starting to gear back-up now as well. We’re been thinking about new ways of working and how we can save even more tiles from landfill but still keep the drivers and suppliers safe.

So, with all the plans in place and all the training done, just phone/email if you’ve got any projects on the horizon or carpet tiles that need picking up and we’ll get a date in the diary and arrange things as soon as you’re ready.

Best wishes,

Ash and Rob Haigh


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