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We collect, clean, grade and re-use or re-sell used tiles but if they are beyond further use, we make sure they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

This simple process is not only good for the environment, by avoiding adding to the landfill problem, but it's also great for the contractor by making carpet tiles an even more cost-effective option.

We know that much of our success is due to the impartial advice we give to our customers

We hold huge stocks of new and recycled carpet tiles in our warehouse so you'll easily be able to find the right product at the right price and know that it'll do the job well.

In this economic climate it's good to know that you're helping yourself and the environment.

There is a huge market for recycled tiles which are both cost effective and have the benefit of keeping waste costs down. By offering this service to the trade we are also making it easier for people within the industry to keep up with the new GREEN MACHINE ethos.

New Tiles Too!

Our sister company, Carpet Tile Wholesale - has been selling high quality new tiles to the trade and public for years, offering huge savings and a wide selection of tiles at a fraction of the normal trade price. By acquiring vast quantities of redundant stock we have become well-known as 'THE Carpet Tile Specialists'.

Friendly and Helpful Service

Having been in the business many years, we know that much of our success is due to the impartial advice we give to our customers.

If you have been offered a better deal elsewhere we'll say so, safe in the knowledge that it is rare for us to be beaten on price. Should we lose out that time by being honest, we'll be much more likely to benefit from your custom in the future, as you'll feel you can trust our straight-forward approach and advice.

Don't be caught out buying a tile that won't do the job!

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